Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman!


Congratulations, Gal Gadot! The Israeli actress from the Fast and the Furious movies won the part of superhero royalty: Wonder Woman. She’ll join Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck in the Superman vs. Batman movie. Her exact role, costume, and invisible jet accommodations are yet to be determined.

In the mainstream DC comics, Wonder Woman is Superman’s lover. How much the upcoming movies will reflect the comics, where WW seems to be a Xena-like figure, is unknown. (Note: I only go by the covers of the Wonder Woman comics.) I hope with the casting of Gal, the filmmakers will go in a different, more inspired direction.

With little information about the Superman vs. Batman movie surfacing to date, this casting news furthers Warners’ attempt to out-spectacle the Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Bring on the Trinity, I say.

Actress/model/superheroine Gal Gadot. Image source: IGN

Ms. Gadot, a former Miss Israel, has the appropriate frame for a model. The lean actress isn’t of the classic Amazonian build, but I think the filmmakers will work with Gadot’s abilities. She’s not lacking in athletic credentials; she served in the Israeli Army, after all.

How will Wonder Woman fit in the Batman/Superman movie? Maybe Wonder Woman will be the plucky underdog who has proven herself against her bulkier, meaner sisterhood. Maybe she’ll be present as an icon foremost. I can only speculate. At least Wonder Woman won’t be stuck in TV development hell, where Adrienne Palicki got as far as a pilot episode as the Star-Spangled Heroine.

Again, a Mazel Tov to Ms. Gadot.

Now, if you asked me how I would cast Wonder Woman, I would find someone like Trish Stratus. However, what’s done is done. Now, onto the quest to get Aquaman in the third movie! :)

Author: Clarence

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