WWE Slam City Toons Enter the Arena

WWE Slam City

WWE Slam City

Move over, Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n Wrestling. WWE and Cartoonium have launched a new series of animated shorts to please the kids (and get them to buy all their playsets and toys). WWE Slam City are based on the Mattel action figure series starring toyetic versions of the WWE roster circa 2013.

That means Kane is the Big Red Machine, Mark Henry isn’t bald, and Dolph Ziggler is still important. The four debut stop-motion animated shorts are “A Big Brawl,” “Alberto the Barista,” “Auto-tude Adjustment,” and “Cafeteria Chaos.”

“Cafeteria Chaos” has Kane serving school lunch and Santino Marella challenging him to a fight. Look for the AJ Lee cameo. “Auto-tude Adjustment” is yet another reminder of how AWESOME John Cena is as a mechanic who can fix anything. That includes the Big Show in “A Big Brawl.” “Alberto the Barista” has Alberto Del Rio and Damien Sandow in the greatest feud over coffee since Jericho and Kane circa 2002.

It sounds like none of the superstars did their own voices for this. However, John Cena’s voice sounds like him or his voice actor is a very convincing sound-alike.

“Auto-Tude Adjustment”

“A Big Brawl”

“Alberto the Barista”

“Cafeteria Chaos”

In the press release sent today, WWE Slam City will be more than just toys and cartoons. There will clothes, books, videos all over the Targets and Wal-Marts of the world. Apparently, the WWE Superstars’ larger-than-life personae can’t sell themselves.

While I’m not in the target audience, I’d settle for classic cartoons like Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry. I’ll even take the bizarreness of Rock ‘n Wrestling. If you want to witness the next phase in Vince McMahon’s plot for world domination, find the Slam City shorts at the Cartoonium YouTube channel.

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