Why John Cena Will RISE ABOVE Rock's Hate!



HUSTLE: Cena WILL NOT disappoint against the best-known superstar he has ever faced this time. Cena displays full dedication to being at the top off the WWE roster. Cena goes out of his way for the fans, especially the fans at the Make-a-Wish Foundation. His eye was on championship gold even when his best childhood prize was made of cardboard. Yes, Cena will seize that grand prize, the WWE Championship, from devious Dwayne. When we look back at wrestling history, John Cena is the man defining this grand current era of grappling.

Unlike Mr. Crowd-Pleasing Movie Star, the Cenation knows that at any moment, John Felix Cena, Jr. will show off his big heel turn!

LOYALTY: Eleven years in WWE and Cena’s time is always NOW. An awe-inspiring tenure that best the Rock’s (seven-plus years), Hulk Hogan during the industry-defining Hulkamania years (nine years), and Stone Cold Steve Austin (eight). Even facing the worst opponents and the most nagging detractors, Cena stayed true to himself. Where can the legend of John Cena improve? TNA? The independent circuit? He’s at his best in the WWE; the Cenation wouldn’t have it any other way.

RESPECT: How will you earn your respect, Dwayne? Star in a bunch of cheesy movies? Dwayne Johnson will face the wrath and fury against his triumphant superior. Cena can never be underestimated as the chills will go down the spines of the WWE Universe! Cena will never stop fighting. While the Rock will shoot his arsenal of catchphrases. Cena, a supreme worker, will bring Mr. Johnson an Attitude Adjustment ‘cuz Rocky nothin’ but an empty TOOLBOX!

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Cena meets one of the Cenation

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