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The THQ era of WWE-licensed games is at an end. The rumored successor is Take-Two (2K Games), and I’m looking forward to a new take on the WWE presentation. All gamers want problem-free gameplay so I’m not going to list every known glitch and bug. I also won’t complain about the commentary because sports* game commentary has been the weak link of the genre for years.

I’m an enthusiast about video games and not a game developer. I realize when compiling this that making suggestions is easier said than done. With that said, I hold the next WWE game makers to a high standard established by AKI way back in the N64 days.

Improved Reversal System

I’m not a big fan of “press the button a nanosecond when the icon flashes for reversal” done in several WWE games. My timing doing reversals improved playing WWE 13 anticipating the beginning of the opponent performing a move or waiting a few seconds after it grapples my character.

WWE 13’s timing feels arbitrary. I can press Right Trigger at right time sometimes at it either won’t register or the game tells me that I’m “Too Fast.” WWE 13 is such a mixture of good and odd that I feel that if the gameplay better reflected pro wrestling matches, I’d be more inclined to purchase some of their DLC.

This sequence is cool, but it would lose its luster if done dozens of times per match.

I propose that there’s a lower chance of reversals for each player after one is successfully performed. This would allow for some back-and-forth action. The player regains normal reversal probability when the opponent makes a successful move or the player stays away from the opponent.

My method’s not Hennig-esque**, but it removes some boredom knowing the exact timing to press R2/Right Trigger.

Main Eventers Should Be Better

Gamers love balance, but some squash matches be fun? Source: Brent Watches Wrestlemania I

WWE Superstars who are or vie for championships should have some advantages. I’m not talking about simply higher attributes. For example, their finishers against mid and lower-carders can cause damage and are difficult to counter even early in the match.

The player controlling David Otunga should have bragging rights if he or she works hard to overcome John Cena. A major upset should be rewarded in WWE Universe mode by having the wrestler level up in abilities to rise to main eventer.

To balance things out, players would have limited opportunities to give wrestlers promos during shows. Also, consistently having big-time wrestlers receiving losses early in the card should make them less esteemed. The crowd’s response to wrestler promos would also keep the wrestlers from getting stuck in one permanent state.

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Online Achievements

wwe-13-achievement-a-winner-is-youI do not want a repeat of the disaster that is accessing THQ’s servers to do ANYTHING in WWE 13. It’s a crapshoot for me trying to get CAWs late at night as it is and I hope the future gaming stewards are superior at online stuff. Pretty please, Take-Two or whoever, no achievements for online play.

Yuck, THQ, yuck! Moving on…

PC Version, Please

WWE ’14 cover so phony, I had to watermark it! Click above for larger size.

If Take-Two is the WWE licensor, then my hopes will be up that the next WWE game will arrive on PCs (and hopefully Macs?) for the first time since WWE Raw. If Visual Concepts are the developers then there would be a lot of excitement since their recent PC 2K Sports games are customizable through mods.

The modding possibilities would be tremendous if the future developers are fine with the creativity of a potential community. My hopes would be deflated if the WWE games’ successor devises some nonsense barriers like say…forcing the game to open from the browser.

All Character Eras, One Slot

In WWE 13’s official roster, some wrestlers are represented in different eras, or in Mick Foley’s case, different personas. It’s a waste of space because no matter what era is chosen for the wrestler, that wrestler has the same moves. It’s cool seeing the different attires and entrances, but the wrestlers will have the same moveset.

This match needs more Kane in Undertaker disguise!

Separate slot are the only way to have “mirror matches,” but I hope the next game will simply have one wrestler per slot and have the player cycle through attires and entrances when selecting the wrestler. The roster variety itself, including unlockable and DLC grapplers, is fine.

It’s all about me, it’s all about the power! Oh, wait. WWE 13 is a good game but could’ve been even better. I’m relieved that another developer may get their opportunity to give gamers good grappling. My amateur game design attempt was built over hundreds of virtual matches. Whether or not what I’ve suggested is put into the next WWE game, I hope the gameplay is better and getting online is not a crap shoot.

* – For the purposes of this article, pro wrestling is a pseudo-sport.
** – Perfect.

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  1. Love what you said under “Main Eventers Should Be Better” some great points there. I haven’t played any games in a ling time but one of the last ones I played was Raw vs Smckdown 6-7 years ago. These improvements would have been very welcome!

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