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Have a seat. Get a drink. Time to read RHM’s candidates for Redhead of the Year. RHM has done profiles on several notable redheads in the past year. I’m not sure how far I can push the idea of showcasing gingers, but if I have some proper inspiration, I can get a few profiles done in 2013.

Until (I hope) the first week of January, I present my options for the greatest ginger featured on RHM. I know you’re likely to say, “What about [X]??” I’ll make a consideration for posting about that person next year, but no guarantees. In the meantime, read the candidates for Redhead of the Year and VOTE!


9 April’s Redhead of the Day

Who better to build brand awareness than two glorious redheads? Your vote will count for either the real businesswoman, daughter of founder Dave Thomas, or the fantasy dream girl played by Morgan Smith Goodwin. Whichever you prefer.

Sedin Twins & Mike Commodore

Because I feel sorry for hockey fans. :(

Ellie Kemper

11 October’s Redhead of the Day

Ellie, as the ditzy secretary Erin, is one of the few bright spots of the final, aren’t-we-glad-it-will-be-all-over-soon season of The Office. Yes, I still watch it.

I don’t know some random somebody on the interwebz writing about her creeps her out. On the other hand, this clip below shows she can be creeped out in Ellen’s Haunted Hallway.

Karen Gillan

27 April’s Redhead of the Day

She may have left Doctor Who, but she will never leave our hearts.

I won’t accept other nominations, but you’re welcome to read the other redheads featured on RHM.


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