Video Game Documentary Uses Crowdfunding to Follow the Money


It’s fun to engage in video game fandom where we pound our chests over what’s awesome and what sucks. Don’t forget that the video game industry is just that, an industry. Major game companies aren’t fueled by our goodwill or rage, as much as we like to think otherwise. One man is seeking out why companies are what they are.

Shola Akinnuso’s documentary, Follow the Money, really stands out to me amongst the many crowdfunding projects. Akinnuso, co-creator of the gaming culture documentary, SHIFT, wants to explore the business of video games. The prospective series will examine topics such as:

  • The “age of AAA,” or high-budget blockbuster, games.
  • How marketing factors in video games.
  • Freemium games and DRM.

Akinnuso claims that Follow the Money is “a story that no single gaming website has the time to tell, when trying to meet the demands and numbers of daily news consumption.”

Here’s Akinnuso’s appeal:

Akinnuso makes a statement about readers of major video game websites that stuck with me as someone trying to find even a niche readership:

The reason there’s not variation of content is because people never click on anything other than what they’re comfortable with.

Many webmasters or article writers of entertainment news/information/humor sites will likely realize this. Akinnuso and his team seeks to bypass the headaches of publishing excellent content for a minimal audience. Follow the Money‘s very interesting that way.

For Akinnuso’s Follow the Money project, the minimum of $1 awards a thank you gesture. The $15 perk of getting the episodes in HD pre-distribution is limited. $20 gets you the HD download “whether [they] get distribution or not.”

There are more perks, including having the documentary team do a spotlight feature on contributors giving $5000. Visit the IndieGoGo page for Akinnuso’s video game documentary, Follow the Money.


Photo of various video game controllers is by Brandon Eaker.

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