The Rock WILL Beat John Cena at WrestleMania 29!



The Rock versus John Cena. FINALLY, the chance to show all the naysayers that he can, and will, do it again! The Rock will win this match and remain the WWE champion when it is all said and done. This “Once in a Lifetime” rematch has been boiling up since last year’s pathetic attempt to knock The Rock off his pedestal. But, as we all know, John Cena never gives up.

This year, I see it happening a little differently though. The Rock comes in as the clear fan favorite. Cena comes in with the crowd booing. It gets to Cena. And he lets it show. This year, I predict that The Rock will still win, but not without John Cena turning heel first. It’s the perfect setup. An upset at Wrestlemania, via some form of illegal help, is the only way Cena will win. So he will try this and The Rock will thwart his attempt.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi

Hopefully he will hit Cena with the STFU this year. I SO want that to happen.

I would also like to point out to everyone that this is probably Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnsons’ biggest year ever. He has five movies (three of which have not come out yet) this year and a WWE Championship belt around his waist. If that’s not motivation to keep that belt on a little longer, I don’t know what is.

Hands down, The Rock wins this match and is put into the Hall Of Fame next year.

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Here’s What Roshawn Wrote For Wrestlemania 28

The Rock versus John Cena. The crowd is electrified with excitement at seeing The Rock whoops John Cena’s candy-ass in Miami: a Rock-Bottom followed by a People’s Elbow and then an STFU to finish him off (and give him some advice). Dust stains the air around the ring…and when it clears? The Rock is standing victorious on the turnbuckle with one arm raised.

OK. That would be the perfect ending to WrestleMania for me. That’s because I’ve been a fan of Dwayne Johnson’s since he was “The Blue Chipper”, Rocky Maivia. When I lived in Miami, I even go to see him play for the Hurricanes (I got my signed mug to prove it). He was different and someone, a melting-pot like me, could look up to. Within months of him coming into the WWF (now WWE) he was a sensation. He was just an all-around good character, whether he was bad or good. And, before anyone thinks of setting me straight on it, yes; I know that wrestling is fake.

The number one reason The Rock is going to beat Cena: look at his record. He beat Stone Cold, albeit with the help of the Corporation, but he did it nonetheless. He beat Mick Foley in an Extreme Rules match. Yeah, Mick is known for being in them and losing those too, but The Rock got out of his element and beat him. And let us not forget the biggest notch on his belt: beating Hulk Hogan, for God’s sake! Even after the “Mighty” Leg-Drop, The Rock managed to beat Hogan. Those three obstacles alone are enough to let me know that The Rock will beat Cena.

If anyone has any comments, I would LOVE to hear them! 