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SFxMM is a great mashup for the 25th anniversaries of Mega Man and Street Fighter. This is a Mega Man game where the Blue Bomber tackles the World Warriors instead of Robot Masters. It’s a very retro game, but it lacks the password system the 8-bit MM games had.

sfxmm-title-screen-smallIf you done so already, Capcom provides links to download Street Fighter x Mega Man.

Here are some tips that should help struggling players. It’s not an easy game, and the only way to keep your progress is to keep the program running, if your computer can handle it. After beating the game, these are some things I’ve picked up on:

Dodging & Attacking

Like many a Mega Man game, SFxMM throws in plenty of enemies. It’s more valuable to know how to dodge them and minimize as much damage as possible. If found, E-Tanks can restore Mega Man’s health once per use. It’s possible in some areas to go through an area by skillful evasion where the temptation to shoot is present (e.g. 2nd & 3rd room of Vega’s level).

Boss Order

sfxmm-you-got-lightning-kick-smallThis may be the intended order to battle the SF bosses. However, it’s possible to go through the game without any special abilities other than the Mega Blaster. Even if this list isn’t official, it could provide for a fun challenge:

  1. Fight Chun-Li with Mega Blaster
  2. Fight Crimson Rose with Lightning Kick
  3. Fight Dhalsim with Optic Blast
  4. Fight Blanka with Yoga Inferno
  5. Fight Rose with Tropical Hazzard
  6. Fight Rolento with Soul Satellite
  7. Fight Urien with Mine Sweeper
  8. Fight Ryu with Aegis Reflector

By the way, I originally finished Chun-Li, Blanka, and Urien with just the Mega Blaster.

Dhalsim Map

Dhalsim’s stage is a maze. Given that SFxMM can get frustrating at times, find the “wrong” room could up the player’s rage level. (I hope not, though). Below is a rough guide to finding Dhalsim. Click on it below to view full size:



SFxMM Let’s Play

Below is YouTuber SteamBoy27 playing the entire game and also fighting the secret character.

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