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Hey, braysayers! There are some imaginative remixes, mash-ups, and other stuff about that a certain humble Japanese video game company. There’s a lot of interest in Sonic 3 when it was revealed that Michael Jackson was once involved in the game’s soundtrack. For whatever reason, he dropped out. The original video on YouTube has been gobbled by the copyright monster, but some imaginative musicians still managed to fuse Sonic soundtracks with popular songs of the late-80s/early 90s.

It’s amazing how “Smooth Criminal” from Bad can harmonize well with the Icecap Zone theme as YouTuber DJYuzoboy demonstrates:

Many have speculated about the similarities of the Sonic 3 ending theme and Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow” from HIStory. DJ Cutman mastered the fusion of the Sonic 3 theme and Michael’s vocals.

MC Hammer, once “2 Legit to Quit,” can be looked at as 1990s cheese. DJYuzoboy has made “U Can’t Touch This” awesome again just as it was back in 1990 by mashing it up with the Sonic 3 Flying Battery Zone theme:

Way back when, I noticed that part of the melody of Spring Yard Zone in Sonic 1 seems lifted from Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step I Take.” Here, DJYuzoBoy does a fair job mashing up both songs:

For more video game remixes and mash-ups, visit the websites of Yuzoboy & DJ Cutman.

BONUS! Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Rydeen in Chiptune Form!

Done by the great Sega programmers for the game, Super Locomotive. Hardcore Gaming 101 recently did a profile on this obscure arcade game.

Want to listen to more chiptunes?

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