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Every year on Labor Day weekend, thousands of people head to Atlanta, Ga for Dragon*Con. If you haven’t heard of this event then you are missing out on an amazing con. Dragon*Con is a Sci-Fi convention with plenty of things for everyone. The con if spread out into the major hotels in downtown Atlanta: The Hilton, The Hyatt, the Marriott, the Sheraton and the Westin. Anything sci-fi related or you can think of is there. Featured there are video games, movies, TV shows, and the works!

Not only do you get to experience Sci-Fi activities but you also get to see it walking around. Con-goers dressed in all kinds of characters attend every year, from your Incredible Hulk to Alice from Resident Evil. While I attended this year I saw a couple of interesting cosplays like: Batman, Nightwing, Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Loki and much more. It seems that the most popular thing around is what most people dress up in.



Zombies: Beyond Armageddon Panel

Carole Nelson Douglas, Jonathan Maberry and James R. Tuck

This year there were more people than last year, so it was harder to see all the things I wanted to. A couple of things I did get to see were a panel about zombies. In this panel I got to meet a couple of authors from books related to zombies. The panel was called Zombies: Beyond Armageddon, it was directed by Kevin J. Anderson, Carole Nelson Douglas, Jonathan Maberry and James R. Tuck.

This panel was very fun to watch and listen to; the speakers talked about what to do after the Armageddon and what to expect. All of these speakers have books out that either deal with zombies or have some kind of other unexplained super natural activities. Other panels that involved zombies were the Click, Boom, Bang: Weapons of the Apocalypse, Zombies Vs Vampires (where you had to pick a side, either the zombies or the vampires) the Walking Dead had a panel; the World is coming to an end! And much more.

VIDEO: Walking Dead panel from YouTube user obellist (SPOILERS).


True Blood Panel

One of my favorite things to do at the con is attend the True Blood panel, this year I was not able to do so because of the time between panels and the long lines. Since I did not get to watch my beloved cast of True Blood, I decided to take a picture with the cast again this year. Last year, I took a picture with Joe (Alcied) but this year I decided to take a picture with the males of True Blood, which included Sam, Lafayette and Alcied, yes the hottest man was not there Eric and of course Bill (the now douche bag) wasn’t present either but I could deal with what I got.

Not only can you take a picture with the True Blood Cast but you can take a picture with other celebrities as well. At the Con there were two companies that dealt with taking a picture with a celebrity. All you had to do was pick who you wanted to take a picture with and when. This year the cast consisted of Sam, Lafayette, Alcied and Arlene. Next year who knows who will show up but I will definitely look for Alcied and Eric.

VIDEO: True Blood Panel Dragon*Con 2012 from YouTube user Moxie21

Other Fun Stuff


I couldn’t tell you how many panels were out not only for TV shows but also for books, games, anime, etc. I do know that there are so many things to do that you just can’t possibly see them all in the weekend. Now that you have your picture in your hand guess what you can do with it? You can get is autographed by the actor or actress, yes you can. All you have to do is pick it up and head to the Hall of Fame, where there are lots of famous actors and actresses. All you have to do is spend a little money and BAM you have an autographed picture personalized to you.

Most of the things I talked about deal with the morning and evening part of the con, now let’s talk about the night part. There are movies that are showed like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Burlesque, Zombie Ball, Masquerade and let’s not forget the concerts.

Crushadows-dragon-con-2012Yes I did say concerts, every night there are bands that play all the way till 5 am. Yes I said 5 am! Not only do they have big names like Crushadows and DJ Nemesis but they also have unknown people like Attention System (a local band in Atlanta) or DJ Little Jen. The best part of the concerts is that you get in for free and spend the rest of your night dancing your butt off with your friends and strangers.

Take into consideration that you will not get any sleep at all when you attend Dragon*Con because you will have so much stuff you want to do that sleep will not be available.

Dealer Rooms

dragoncon-2012-lightsabersNow let’s talk about the dealer rooms, can you say Candy Land for everyone? Because that is exactly what it was to me, Candy Land. There are hundreds of items to buy at the con from costume accessories to kimonos and books. The authors that attend the con sale their books there, not only that but if the author is there you can get your book autographed. Can you say amazing? Because I sure can, if you’re a big reader like me you will definitely enjoy this part and if you are big on costumes then you will also enjoy the dealer’s room. Not only can you buy accessories but you can also buy full costumes, they have everything from swords to wigs and contacts.

My experience at Dragon*Con was amazing, I enjoyed the time spent with my friends dressed up as characters of a movie or just plain making up something and walking around with them. one thing I would warn you of is the staff at the hotels are a little mean when it comes to dealing with the con-goers but don’t be discouraged because you are surrounded by thousands of people that have similar interest in the things you like and that’s all that matters. Find some friends to attend the Con with and have lots of fun dressing up or just taking pictures of people who are dressed up because in the end you are going to have so much fun.

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