Redheads (Sedin twins) & "Mule" of the Day

The Sedins playing for Sweden

This is great! A profile about twins! Identical twins from Sweden! What an opportunity to fall on my lap…


Oh. Daniel and Henrik Sedin, today’s Redheads of the Day of the Vancouver Canucks, are not what I had in mind. However, they are an effective two-headed beast on the ice. Thanks, Sweden, to another fine contribution to pop culture. What are the differences between the twins? I need that coveted information so I can proceed with the profile.


Thanks, Peter Puck for dropping some knowledge! The Sedin twins have plenty of shelf space. These two have compiled tons of honors in their careers: Daniel has the Lindsay Award (his peers voted him best player) and Canucks team MVP; Henrik earned Hart (Most Valuable Player) trophy and Sporting News player of the year. Both earned Swedish athlete of the year and Olympic gold medals.

I can’t list them all without boring you. D & H came SO CLOSE to winning the Stanley Cup in 2011! Check them out putting their working skates on.


See also: List of awards won by Daniel & Henrik.

“Mule” of the Day: Johann Franzen! Video description from YouTuber NHLArchive:

Johann Franzen returned to action in a game between the Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 at the Scottrade Center in Saint Louis, Missouri.


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