Redheads & Mule of the Day - 29 March

Now it’s an appropriate time to trot the initials TNA for today’s Redhead of the Day: Christy Hemme!

Christy Hemme

Earlier in her modeling career, she took on the persona of Sunni (nice name) and competed in some Lingerie Bowls. Eventually, she made her way onto the WWE as the winner of the Diva Search. Her main rival was someone named Carmella; they and other potentials worked their way into the infamous Wrestlecrap Gooker Award. WWE’s wanted to make Carmella/Christy into the new Fabulous Moolah/Wendi Richter or even Sable/Sunny but the results were crass.


Currently, she’s TNA in-ring announcer. Why can’t she announce every match? Is it strange that her theme music history includes “Walk Idiot Walk” and “Wasting Away?” Is it weird for me to think of her as the “pie-in-the-butt” girl and having to wrestle a tuxedo match in a men’s tuxedo with…some weirdo I won’t talk about?

Nonetheless, she likely commands a healthy salary based on all those magazine appearances and she does do what she is asked. For that, I don’t blame her for continuing to model.

Christy Hemme chokes Awesome Kong © TNA

BONUS! SoCal Val! She didn’t succumb to the madness but did chat with Ms. Hemme:



Mule of the Day: These dancing mule legs:

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