Redhead (the Black Widow) & Mule of the Day!

The Black Widow

Here’s a fan letter to movie star Scarlett Johansson regarding her character, Marvel Comics’ Black Widow:

Dear Ms. Johansson,

Avengers movie posterI just enjoyed the great super hero movie, The Avengers. Thank you for showing that a lady is just a capable an Avenger as a green freak. Your Black Widow is awesome and never showed fear. I hope Marvel Studios gives you your own movie! You and Jeremy Renner should be the leading battle couple of cinema.

For a while, I didn’t think much of Natasha Romanoff. When I saw those comic panels with she and Daredevil I thought they turned that chick from the B-52s into an action hero. Yikes! It’s also unappealing that BW, a tough, independent woman from Russia, would get weepy over poor Matt Murdock. I’m also relieved that your costume for the Avengers movie wasn’t that weird gray body stocking thing. *shudders*

Since I wasn’t a big fan of Ms. Romanoff, I kind of ignored her in Iron Man 2. That’s no offense against you. We the public recognize that you’re one of the most beautiful actresses today. But wow! You had to shut the haters up with impressive athletic skills and bold demeanor. If Thor is the Mighty Avenger and Captain America is the First Avenger, then would you be the Sexy Avenger?

Black Widow goes anime!
Pink hair?

I’m glad that you had some moments to shine in that big crossover. You pulled off a head scissors move that would shame most female pro wrestlers. Romance in a super hero isn’t usually what I like, but I want to see BW & Hawkeye. Just don’t expect me to post a Tumblr about that ‘ship. Also, how much of a cut do you get out of all that splendid merchandise?

Anyway, a hearty THANK YOU for your part in bringing the legendary super-team to us. I hope to your BW make S.H.I.E.L.D. proud in teh sequel! Maybe one day you’ll be on Twitter???

Facetiously yours,

The Red-Headed Mule.

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