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Rick Astley

Challenge: write a complementary profile of the star crooner and father of one.
Difficulty: as few references to Rickrolling & “Never Gonna Give You Up” as possible.

First, a personal message from Rick to Anggi and Indi. As one YouTube commenter astutely noted: “You wouldn’t get this from any other guy.”


Rick Facts

  • From Northern England, born in February 1966
  • Several UK and US number-one singles.
  • Turned away from ravenous music industry to become family man.
  • Signature song: “Never Gonna Give You Up,” and it’s not even close.
  • YouTube views: over 110 million (at least of his songs and performances), payment from YouTube: $12.
  • Signature weapon: His legendary deep voice entertaining millions worldwide.
  • Odd phase: As a ginger Michael Bolton in the early 1990s.
    Rick Astley
  • Favourite football club: Aren’t y’all supposed to read the Guardian for that info?.
  • Odd encounter: autographing Bibles for nuns while on vacation.
  • Odder encounter: anytime he hears of Rickrolling, or anytime he sing that song after the phenomenon took off:

Corniest Poem Ever:

80s Pop IconWhenever you need somebody
and are making a cry for help,
here comes a bigger Internet
success story than Yelp.

I avoid loveless internet trolls.
Oh, how I go down your songlist
with such a speedy scroll.

Hopelessly, I move right out.
When Mr. Astley is on the stereo,
baby, it’s lights out.

I hate giving up on love.
Sleeping lonesome? Never!
With the help of the great Rick Astley,
his music connects us together forever!

– Inspired by Rick Astley’s discography

As you have seen, writing something biographical of Rick is simple. What’s inseparable is making a coherent essay about him and skipping “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Donkeys of the Day: In our ongoing coverage of mules, donkeys, and their kin, this is what a Internet meme backlash might sound like:

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