Redhead (Olivia Dunham) and Mule of the Day

The arrival of Henry Bishop

Coming from a bleak alternate universe, here’s one of the jewels from that place. Olivia Dunham is today’s Redhead of the Day!

Olivia DunhamJust before Mother’s Day, it’s Olivia’s time in the RHM spotlight. However, I am not very fond of either “Fauxlivia” or “Bolivia” monikers. This Olivia is legitimate and not a villain. Neither, in my view, is she a country in South America.

With that said, can we all agree Anna Torv is a talented actress and her various portrayals have silenced criticisms of being made of wood?

Despite my feelings, Anna Torv used this Olivia to flex her acting & physical muscles. Anna does an excellent job with both Olivias, especially not making a foe out of Fauxlivia. Time’s James Poniewozik agrees:


…it was Torv’s shaded performance that sold Olivia’s alternate-universe twin as an actual separate person—not just a cartoon villain version of the original, but a real person, a little more assertive and confident, and just a touch rapacious.

Poniewozik’s Great Performances of 2010

So many Fringe adventures are a treasure for sci-fi lovers. The one about Olivia’s birth is no exception. Viewers saw the birth of Henry Bishop in Bloodline in season 3, episode 18. Also, Torv skillfully shows her action girl and hopeful mother sides.


Here’s a plan for expectant motherhood, the Fringe way:

  1. Discover alternate self: more reserved and, even worse, blonde!
  2. Get insider’s view of the legendary Peter Bishop.
  3. While pregnant, avoid virus that claimed sister and her baby.
  4. Escape after getting kidnapped.
  5. Give impromptu childbirth. The pregnancy accelerated ahead of killer virus thus saving you and your baby.


Alas, Henry no longer exists after Peter altered the timeline. We’ll never know whether Henry will be a blessing or a curse for the Bishops and all humankind.

Mule of the Day: Petie

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