Redhead of the Day: Elastigirl & Mule of the Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Let’s salute one super-mom, Helen Parr, as 7 May’s Redhead of the Day!


Mrs. Parr (née Truax) married the strongman Bob Parr and had three superpowered kids: Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack. Though the Incredibles may be a twist on the traditional family, Helen is no damsel in distress. Elastigirl has the amazing to stretch her body to extremely thin dimensions. She belongs in the Pantheon of Stretch Greats such as Plastic-Man and Reed Richards. She possesses such awesome physiology: it would probably make giving birth easier and reaching kids, literally and metaphorically, simpler.

A medical doctor or a family psychologist may explain the utility of her powers better than I. Maybe one of her many fans?


I give a tip of the invisible cap to the Parrs and all superheroine mothers all over the world!

Elasitgirl meets Mr. Incredible

Mule of the Day: baby Sandy (neigh!)

What was your favorite Elastigirl moment?

Author: Clarence

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