Redhead & Mule Shoe of the Day - 23 April

Vicki Lawrence
Vicki as Mama. Picture by Rob Stinnett ( (CC BY 2.0)

Game Show Week begins with Vicki Lawrence being today’s Redhead of the Day!

Vicki is a versatile entertainer. She did a few albums during the 70s. Her musical peak was the number-one hit song “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.” However, she had a bigger showbiz profile performing sketch comedy for all 11 seasons of the Carol Burnett Show. Lawrence’s enduring, but not endearing, Mama Harper originated there. In this video, Mama’s daughter Eunice (played by Burnett) aims for stardom by going on the Gong Show:


Vicki was also a frequent panelist/guest on many game shows: Match Game, Password, Pyramid, Hollywood Squares, & several others. She also had her turn as emcee running Win, Lose, or Draw on NBC.


She continued guesting on game shows after Draw. On some occasions she’d play as Mama. Here’s an example of Lawrence being feisty without the need for a wig. I shared this video last week in tribute to Dick Clark. It is one of many instances on Pyramid where Vicki shows her testy side.


Vicki Lawrence is a successful comedienne with a biting style of comedy. She currently is performing a “two woman show” across North America. There’s always a place for satire through unpleasant characters.  Hopefully Vicki will make better attempts at staying relevant.

Mule Shoe of the Day: Klaus from Josef Seibel:


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