Redhead & Mule Ride of the Day - 11 April

Is Lily the non-Barney reason millions watch How I Met Your Mother? Anyway, the bewitching Alyson Hannigan is today’s Redhead of the Day!

Alyson Hannigan

First, congratulations to the Denisofs for the new kid on the way! “Alyson D & Alexis D” is an awesome name for a tag team. Second, Lily and Willow are such pleasant names, aren’t they? Here’s a rundown of her most famous co-stars: Jason Biggs, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Benson, Neil Patrick Harris, & an unseen flute.

To put aside any doubts of her acting range, Ellen tests Alyson on the various accents an actress will use in her career:


A star like Alyson attracts fans from around the world regardless of class, nationality, gender, or occupation. Just ask this government official:


We should also remember Alyson STANDING UP 2 CANCER…by being an amateur mammographer (Please donate for the fight against breast cancer. Cancer Sucks):

Mule Ride of the Day: A trip in the Grand Canyon I hope I’d never have to take!


Author: Clarence

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