Redhead & Mule of the Day - 27 March

The Redhead of the Day was a survivor of the Monday Night Wars: Lash Leroux!

Lash Leroux

Leroux one of the guys taking part of the vast WCW undercard. The pic above was obtained from a Gambit fan site. Thankfully, the WCW brain trust missed the opportunity of giving the Gambler’s gimmick to Lash.

For the casual fan, he was easy to miss: he competed in many Saturday Nights, Worldwides, & Nitro undercards. He was a hard worker who I wonder what he would’ve done in the TNA X-Division, ROH, or similar environment.

He was good enough to be one of DDT Digest’s unsung heroes!

Vince Russo turned the underutilized Laroux into the Misfit in Action Corporal Cajun

Eventually, Russo and his ideas went away and Cajun was good ol’ Lash again, now with a nifty blues theme:

Leroux, showing off his artistry for WCW magazine, moved on to art. If you’re a devoted Auburn Tigers or Alabama Crimson Tide fan and want a likeness of one of your heroes hanging on your wall, maybe Lash is your man!

Bear Bryant by Lash LerouxMichael Dyer by Lash Leroux

See more of Lash’s art!

Mule (bird) of the Day:

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