Redhead & Mule of the Day - 26 March

This week is going inside the ring~! Many zany catchphrases!

Also, you may or may not see so many stunners it’ll HURT!


…er, not those stunners.

Monday’s Redhead of the Day is Maria Kanellis. Former WWE Diva who’s may or may not be tearing up the ring in the Ring of Honor promotion (check your local listings). She’s so incredibly engaging with the media, including the Playboy cameras.

Maria Kanellis w/Troops

A recent interview when she was new to ROH:

Another light entertainment chat with Olivia Wilde:

Like a camera never seems to be too far from her, getting work isn’t too far from either. She has been a wrestler, valet, MMA announcer, singer, reality show contestant (I might to excise that, though), has her own perfume (whew!), gotten to know a wide range of personalities from the wacky Santino to the hustling Cena to even Snoop Dogg & the amorous CM Punk!

May her bubbly demeanor carry to new heights in ROH!

Mule of the Day: Proper plowing:

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