Redhead & Mule of the Day - 20 April

David Caruso
Pic by sdk: (CC BY-NC-SA)

David Caruso of CSI: Miami is Redhead of the Day. I’ll spare you from The Who.

Caruso hit TV super-stardom twice: in 1994 to wide acclaim on NYPD Blue. The closest things to a meme for that show were mentions of Dennis Franz‘s backside. Caruso left after one season; Blue continued to thrive without him. The second time is from being the quipping, shades-pulling Horatio Cane. Yup.


There isn’t much on YouTube to show David’s lighter side…so we’ll settle for his answering fan questions for CBS.


CSI: Miami has good enough numbers for CBS to bring it back next season: a roughly 1.8 Nielsen key demo rating & 4.3 Quip-to-Black per hour rating.

Mule of the Day: Jackie A. who is voiced by Ice-T:


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