Redhead & Mule Nag of the Day - 25 April

Once upon a time, he gave gamers ProTips. Now he’d likely want gamers to get off the couch with the help of the lifestyle shows he produces. Overseer of the Fun House J.D. Roth is the Redhead of the Day!

J.D. Roth
This photo is better than a screencap of him sporting a mullet!

So, yes, I would have loved to play Wesley Crusher in the Trek universe, but I was never up for the part. At that time, I was a goofy college freshman.

Another J.D. Roth

Neither J.D. landed that high-profile role. Our J.D. went from Star Search contestant and small acting roles to becoming a popular TV personality hosting the sloppy stunt show Fun House. Fun House had a 3 season run with plenty of merchandise made along the way.


What I found growing up and once I got Fun House, was that I could just be myself as a host, and I was like, ‘I’m good at being me.’

Kidzworld interview

While IMDb does not list his hosting jobs, Roth is an experienced emcee of kids shows such as Masters of the Maze, ZOOventure, and Endurance. On GamePro TV, he and some guy named Brennan used every bit of their Totally Radical personae to deliver the latest information about popular video games.  Brennan disappeared and Roth gave gamers fresh tips & tactics solo. That show led me to buy the magazine and helped embiggened my love of video games. What a strange show.


His show business legacy may be as a producer. His first producing credit was Double Up at age 22. He co-produced a game show adaptation of Mad Libs with Dick Clark. He later turned to producing many reality TV & lifestyle shows. His major producing credit is one of NBC’s few hit shows, The Biggest Loser. In an interview with Kidzworld, he asserts that doesn’t agree with the perception that the people working in the reality TV genre are “bottom-feeders.” He defends reality TV,

I think in the future, scripted departments are going to turn to guys like me who can tell a story in a unique way, for a new kind of storytelling technique.

The pros of reality TV is you can create an idea, and very quickly you can see it come to life.

Kidzworld interview

J.D. comments on one of his many reality shows, Beauty & the Geek:

Television is famous for cannibalization. If one cop show works, suddenly there are 42 cop shows. ‘Why shouldn’t all 42 be ours?’ is kind of the way that I feel.

Hollywood Reporter interview

In his over 20 years in show business, he met talents spanning from Ed McMahon to Ashton Kutcher. He continues to stick with the types of shows that have worked for him. Fitting for a man that wants to change people’s lives for the better, here’s a parting quote:

You need to focus on one thing: you. When you can put your focus to one thing anytime in life, it usually comes out pretty good.

Costco interview

Mule Nag of the Day: End of a sisterly exchange from A League of Their Own:


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