Redhead (Mike Commodore) & Mules of the Day

Mike Commodore as a Calgary Flame
Dear Canada, you’re welcome. Signed, Georgia hockey fans.

RHM salutes Redhead of the Day Mike Commodore. Commodore, the burly six-foot-four journeyman, shown hockey fans through the years what hockey’s all about: the quick pace of the game, experiencing the glory of winning the Stanley Cup, the elegance of moving along the ice…

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Eh, who am I kidding? At six-foot-four and 200-plus pound frame, Mike is likely known for the big draws of hockey: fighting!


Fittingly, such a fighting man would play for the Fighting Sioux from North Dakota before going pro:


However, as a hockey player must have his greatest hits, he also has misses:


Commodore at the 2006 Stanley Cup Champions' victory paradeAnyway, Mr. Commodore takes such minor obstacles on the chin. He defines redhead as much as he defines the defenseman position. Hockey viewers may remember that wonderful bushy mop as Commodore aided the Carolina Hurricanes to their first Stanley Cup championship (poor Hartford). He has agreed to cut off his trademark Commodorre coif for charity.

RHM hopes Commodore presses on with the Tampa Bay Lightning and that lightning would strike twice for him winning that shiny cup.

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Mule of the Day: these pack mules & their horse mates!

Original video description:

Arizona Camping Club’s Trip to Havasupai Falls and Supai #1. If you like to camp, please join Arizona’s largest camping club with over 500 members. Be careful, these horses and mules will run you over if you get in their way.


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