Redhead (Cyclops) & Super Mule of the Day

Cyclops by Dashu Pagla

Scott Summers, codename Cyclops, the straight-as-an-arrow, traditional leader of the X-Men is Redhead of the Day. Today, RHM provides a special How to be Cyclops Training Manual. Scroll down, or scroll after clicking “continued” to see the Super Mule of the Day.

Steps to Become Cyclops!

  • Get the glasses made. Make sure the prototype optics are glitch-free or else you’ll burn everybody.
  • Romance the fairest mutant redhead in the universe, Jean Grey.
    Cyclops and Jean Grey Cosplay WonderconJean Grey Fur CoatJean Grey & Cyclops
  • For SUPER AWESOME PR, spread the good word of Cyclops by having your likeness drawn.
  • If a bad date occurs, avoid the nastiest mutant redhead in the universe, the Phoenix.
  • Get to know your family.

    Above: the Summers Family Tree
  • Find weaknesses for adamanitum. Oops!
  • For more PR, have the obligatory fan-made tribute video.

Take these steps listed above, and you too can become the straight-shootin’ captain of your own superteam! Alternatively, you’d be cooler and more arrogant. Your choice!

Super Mule of the Day:

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