Redhead & Burras of the Day - 28 March

She went from Miss Congeniality from the queen of Team Extreme, today’s Redhead of the Day is Amy Dumas, popularly known as Lita!

Lita WWE Book Cover

Dumas’ career in wrestling was illustrious: she payed her dues in ECW, accompanied Essa Rios then became the focus of his matches, and has been at the side of Hardy Boyz, Kane, and Edge. How could we forget that bit of method acting with Edge in a bed that Monday night?


Okay, she had the ceremonial exit (humiliation) from WWE. She isn’t doing bad for herself. She’s involved in animal rights and has her own organization, ADORE. She is the vocalist for the Luchagors. Also, she on that Twitter doohickey Michael Cole screeches about: @AmyDumas. She still has her many adoring fans. I think; I saw a few bona fide fansites out there.


Burras (Donkeys) of the Day:

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