Redhead (Bryce Dallas Howard) & Donkey of the Day!

Bryce Dallas Howard

Quickly made collage of Bryce Dallas Howard

There’s no need for “Help” to profile this actress. RHM presents a look at the spectacular, amazing Bryce Dallas Howard! Let the excellence of RHM guide you through this page of whimsy. Proceed and bray no more!


  • Has ginger lineage as daughter of Ron Howard.
  • Husband: Fringe agent Lincoln Lee (watch Fringe, folks!)
  • Made Peter Parker’s Spider-sense tingle as Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3
  • Tended to John Connor’s wounds in Terminator: Salvation.
  • Was in that Twilight: Eclipse thingamajig.

Paparazzi Sees Actress on Red Carpet. 1st Rule of Paparazzi Is…

To focus on a lady’s…stilettos?

Help Promote “Good Dick” With Husband

Bryce and her husband Seth Gabel cameoed in a movie called Good Dick.

Bryce’s Existential Beliefs At Work?

Watch her explain philosophy with the aid of a cup at a Comic-Con panel:

Donkey of the Day

A rare Shrek/Spider-Man crossover?


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Collage by me, foreground pic by Tony Shek (CC-BY-SA), background pics are copyright the movie studios that made them.

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