Redhead (April O'Neil) and Mule of the Day

April O'Neil


In honor of the release of TMNT Microseries #7 and the upcoming Nickelodeon cartoon, April O’Neil is today’s Redhead of the Day.

Created by Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird, plucky April’s been a programmer, news reporter, aspiring scientist, Smash-up warrior, and former Ninja Turtle. She’s an iconic part of Ninja Turtle lore. Not surprisingly, many ladies have cosplayed into the famous yellow jumpsuit:


  1. Nice pun.
  2. I have to be more careful searching for “April O’Neil.”

Anyways, in the current TMNT comic by IDW, April is a college student studying science and interning at Stockgen. In TMNT #13, she tries to bond with Casey Jones after Casey suffers abuse from his father. She’s also responsible for naming the turtles after the classical masters of art:


Her most recent appearance as of August 2012 is in the comic microseries #7, written by Barbara Randall Kesel with art by Marley Zarcone. Here, April retrieves a turtle tracker for Donatello inside Stockgen. Here is April in a peaceful moment with her friends:


I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of the current comic. It helps that it features input from co-creator Kevin Eastman. On the other hand, Nickelodeon’s version of April is a teenager and uses a laptop. Nick’s website once listed April’s laptop as a “weapon,” but now it’s listed as “gear.”

Whatever. I’ll still give the new cartoon a chance. It’ll be just another face added to the many personae of Ms. O’Neil:


Mule of the Day: Saddle up with Elvis!


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4 thoughts on “Redhead (April O'Neil) and Mule of the Day”

  1. I was always wary of April O’Neill for two reasons:
    1. she hung out with the Turtles in the sewers a lot.
    2. she wore the same exact yellow jumpsuit every episode.

    You can’t tell me that she has a closet full of yellow jumpsuits, man! There’s a disconnect in frequency of showering or laundry somewhere in there. Either way, she’s gotta be the foulest smelling TV news reporter in history.
    She’s still hot though…

    Oh yeah, and HAHAAAAAAA! for your April O’Neill google search woes. What a fantastic discovery, no?

  2. April would’ve been such a hottie to me, however two things limit her in my eyes…
    1. hung out in the sewers all the time with the Turtles.
    2. wore the same yellow jumpsuit every episode.

    This tells me there might be a lack of necessary hygiene somewhere. She had to have been the smelliest TV news reporter in history. Either that or she has a closet full of yellow jumpsuits and nothing else.

  3. In 80s-90s cartoonland, it’s entirely plausible she’d have a closet of yellow jumpsuits. Except for that one purple dress she had once…ahem.

    Whatever gets her that Pulitzer, heh.

    Also in cartoonland, I’d imagine that sewers are less filthy than they are IRL.

    It was actually a Youtube search, BTW…

    I had a big laugh reading your comments, CSP, and many thanks. No worries about double-posting.

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