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The new retro gaming website 1 More Castle has launched.

Video game coverage is not difficult to find online. Countless outlets, from many specialty destinations to a handful of heavy-hitting mainstream sites, provide players with news, reviews, videos, and other features.

For retro gamers, however, such a catch-all hub has been elusive. Those who still play old video games from another age have had to rely on a patchwork of niche blogs, independent creators, and forums to get their latest information and entertainment. Eric Bailey, NES game reviewer who blogs at, noticed the lack of a “one great site” for retro gamers and brought up an idea with the eventual co-founder of, app developer and graphics guru Andrew Carreiro. The result of several brainstorming sessions, strategy meetings, and an intense application process was a product they believed could fill the void.

We wanted to create a space on the web where retro gamers could discuss the gaming topics relevant to them,” explained Bailey. In late April, they revealed their official roster in a post on the Facebook page. “We’ve assembled a team that specializes in a wide range of time periods and consoles, and we’re confident that our team will make 1 More Castle a nexus of retro gaming culture and commentary.”

The site will primarily cover console, arcade, and PC games from the 64-bit era and prior. The overarching theme, though, will be to honor the spirit of retro gaming more than trying to establish any sort of strict definition. Although such distinctions will likely become clearer, what of the name, 1 More Castle?


All along, we really wanted to not just give raw information, but truly tap into the human side of old video games; the cultural force,” Carreiro elaborated. “We want our readers to remember being a kid, sitting on the living room carpet, eyes widened at the sight of the magic unfolding on the television screen. After considering other titles, 1 More Castle jumped out as a common ground for those of us with similar memories. When we took an informal poll on Twitter as to what that term ‘1 More Castle’ makes people think of, many people immediately went to a place of staying up late one night, nearing the end of a critical gameplay session, their mother telling them to go to bed, but defiantly responding: ‘No, mom, please, just one more castle…’ Video games can represent a positive space where we cast worries aside and just enjoy the fun. If 1 More Castle represents anything, that’s what we want it to represent: Fun.”

“Challenging gameplay, streamlined presentation, multiplayer camaraderie, and sheer nostalgia are all reasons why retro gamers return to the classics. 1 More Castle will both immerse readers into the collective memory pool that experienced gamers have filled throughout the years, and critically analyze the historical significance of games, systems, and movements,” Carrerio added.

When asked about the name, Carreiro explained, “The name 1 More Castle was chosen for three reasons: It was chosen because it evokes memories of young gamers pleading with their parents to play one more castle before bed, because it represented one more chance to discuss retro games, and because the obvious Super Mario Bros reference was too good to pass up.”


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