Peter Cullen at Sac Anime Winter 2015

Legendary voiceover artist Peter Cullen made his way to Sacramento this January and answered questions from press and fans. According to Roshawn, Optimus Prime is the only cartoon character to make him cry twice. TWICE. In these videos below, Roshawn taped some Q&As, one of which is a one-on-one sitdown with the voice of Optimus Prime himself.

In this sit-down interview with Roshawn, Cullen discusses:

  • Returning from Australia and reprising the brawling Rescue Ranger, Monterrey Jack.

  • Hasbro’s priorities.

  • Favorite person to work with.

Here, Cullen answers questions from the press:

  • If you were child when TF on, how would you react?

  • The differences between 1984 Generation One era and today.

  • Any series he’d like to be in. Cullen gives his thoughts on the VO/showbiz industry.

  • Would you imagine doing Optimus Prime 30 years later? PC shares a story about meeting a tough guy who grew up watching TF.

Thanks to Mr. Cullen for being such a class act and entertaining many through the years.

Author: Clarence

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