Pac Man CE DX Plus Social Media Junk


Namco released the newest iteration of Pac Man, Championship Edition DX+. The plus sign means doesn’t mean more value, it means more stuff I don’t really want. Those who have CE DX will get a free update to the “plus” version. PC gamers, via Steam, can finally flex their fingers. Is it worth it?

The feature I’d want the most, new maps, cost extra. Since I don’t have the eight dollars to get the newest maps, including Mountain and Championship III, I looked at other new features.

So it's come to this…
So it’s come to this…

Bandai-Namco wants more SOCIAL MEDIA! That’s right. Just because we can’t get enough SOCIAL MEDIA in our lives, we have to connect to our Facebook accounts to get some medals. If we get all achievements (I’m there) and all medals we can get the kewl Pac-Man level skin! While I’m not anti-Facebook, I’ll have to decline the opportunity to have people unfriend me because I got a new virtual trinket.

Anyway, I did play the Spiral level again since I was unranked in it. At its core, Pac Man Championship Edition DX+ is a great experience if you have sharp reflexes. I just do my best getting over a million points in 5 minutes. WATCH BELOW!

For older browsers, download this video. Otherwise, watch it below:


Have you tried Pac Man: Championship Edition DX+? Is YOUR life not complete until every game connects to your Facebook account?

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ on Steam.

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