One Ain't a Lonely Number

This is something I prepared for a while for the 1 Year Anniversary of this site. You’ll probably groan at least four times reading this…

I love a good one hit wonder. “Take On Me” is one of my favorites.


A-ha! Don’t be a heel; had fun on a unicycle or a monowheel?


You’re not a clown? You must wear monogram on your favorite hand-me-down.

You’re not “Nbdy.” You’re better than Cyclops. You’re awesome and ichiban. Yeah, you’re tops!

I’m gonna say this before I leave here. I don’t need a gimmick, a One Ring, just to disappear.

Let’s just walk away. Keep hate at bay. One love.


Author: Clarence

Webmaster, editor, writer of Red-Headed Mule. RHM was founded in 2011. Currently is liking British TV better than U.S. TV, mayhaps.