Olympic Redheads & Running Mules of the Day

Looking for copper-topped athletes of the 2012 Games? Searching through the thousands of Olympians takes time. You can expedite my search by contributing to the upcoming comic Anatomy of War.

Anyway, today is a spotlight of three Olympic-related Redheads.

Congratulations to Grenadans Joel and Janelle Redhead for qualifying for their respective 200M events. Check out both as they train for the grandest stage in track and field:



Congrats go to Daniel Redhead who ran the Olympic torch relay through Scunthorpe. Daniel’s friend, James, passed away from Leukemia. Afterwards, Daniel raised £9,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma research. Read his story.

(starts at about 5:48)

Running Mules of the Day: if only mules had their own major sporting competition…


Author: Clarence

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