Nagging Notes: Walking Dead, DC-Related Stuff, & A Cool Place to See NYCC Cosplay [VIDEOS]

Simon Baz

Walking Dead Get Huge Audience

Re-posting from the RHM Facebook page:

Wow, The Walking Dead 3rd season premiere watched by almost 11 million in the 18-49 demographic. Execs at NBC, ABC, FOX, & CBS would drool at those numbers. TWD is probably the best TV show shot in Georgia (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo not considered).

I like the show. I like reading the hate on the show. No, I don’t think it’s the best show on AMC. Last night’s episode didn’t bog down the Ricktatorship with baggage. Excellent makeup FX applied on the walkers. I’m interested in Michonne, not Chris-Hardwick-geeking-out-at-Michonne interested.

Yesterday, I posted the odds of which TWD character would die this season. I stated that Herschel would be the first to go at 4:1 odds. With the old vet now an amputee, I’m not far off at the moment. Heh.

See Walking Dead S03E01 below (limited-time and may be country-restricted/geoblocked):

DC Nation, Arrow & DC’s Green Lantern & Superman

I’m now disinterested in Young Justice. I’ll get pulled back in January, but YJ is the best reason to record a Saturday morning cartoon. It was just getting good with Roy Harper back in action and the Blue Beetle having his own personal crisis. Oh, well.

The pilot episode of Arrow‘s not bad. I’m not annoyed by the dialogue but at the predictability at some of the plots, especially anything with Arrow’s sister. I’m looking forward to Ollie’s battle with Deathstroke.

Green Lantern #13 is alright. At least Geoff Johns didn’t make Simon Baz an outright anti-hero. He’s a flawed man caught in extraordinary circumstances: some odd mystery involving the Guardians and he meets the Justice League. He’s going to be chased by a trio of aliens who “assimilate,” or turn someone to something like them. I’m waiting for a little payoff to come next month.

Preview Green Lantern #13

The main story in Action Comics #13 (Grant Morrison, Travel Foreman) is fun. It’s the New 52 introduction to the Phantom Zone with a different villain breaking out instead of Zod. The villain breaks out of the phantom zone with the help of a suit and Superman is pulled into it. In the Phantom Zone, Supes is added by helpful Krypto and the Phantom Stranger. The Phantom Stranger lives up to his name speaking in cryptic clues about himself.

This fantastical plot direction would be fine way for Grant Morrison to go out if he continues this path.

Preview Action Comics #13 at PopMatters.

See two variant covers from Action Comics #13.

Cold Slither Podcast at New York Comic-Con

CSP has a photo gallery of NYCC attendees in costumes of various quality.

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