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For us kids-at-heart, Mickey Mouse has been the bland, goody-two-shoes flagship of Disney. In June 2013, animator Paul Radish shattered our perceptions of what Mickey Mouse can do. These shorts are an excellent embrace of classic animation. Where has THIS Mickey been all our lives?

No ifs, ands, or buts about it! Mickey Mouse returns as a genuine cartoon character.

Through the Disney Shorts channel on YouTube, general audiences will witness Mickey engage in mischief, slapstick, and other silliness. Some of these shorts so far has Mickey looking for his ears or running afowl of Donald Duck on the boardwalk. For variety, the animators have Mickey Mouse immersed in a variety of settings.

One of my favorite short is “Bad Ear Day.” It’s not because it’s very laugh-out-loud funny, but because it dares the viewer to sit through a period of silence. To have this happen when cartoon watchers are used to sound and fury is a tremendous risk. Don Cherry guest voices as the hockey announcer.

Watch “Mickey Mouse in: Bad Ear Day:”

I also enjoyed “New York Weenie.” Yes, it’s a classic angry chase toon like Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner and Tom & Jerry. Yes, it follows the premise that Mickey is too obsessed to have common sense. You know what? By the time “Weenie’s” done, I’m amazed at Mickey can get down and dirty just any good cartoon character. Betty White is the guest voice.

Watch “Mickey Mouse in: New York Weenie”

Chris Diamantopoulos is the voice of Mickey while Russi Taylor is Minnie Mouse. The vocal performances are fine but sparse. Noel Murray of The Dissolve compares a current short, “Yodelberg” with a classic short from the 1930s, “Thru the Mirror.”

For more un-lame Mickey, there are classic Mickey Mouse comics and the Epic Mickey video games that showcase mischievous Mickey. However, they lack the accessibility that Disney’s channel on YouTube.

Watch the full playlist of Mickey Mouse shorts:


daisy-duck-minnie-mickey-mouse-2013-topperList of shorts:

  • Bad Ear Day
  • Panda-monium
  • Gasp!
  • Stayin’ Cool
  • Tokyo Go
  • New York Weenie
  • Croissant de Triomphe
  • Yodelberg
  • No Service
  • Behind the Animation

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  1. I wouldn’t have even known these existed without you. Go Disney for putting out something very different.

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