LIST! Super Chiptunes-day!

Welcome to Super Chiptunesday! This edition will patriotic fervor that’s sweeping the U.S. voting booths today.

Chiptunes are fine pieces of aural digital nostalgia. Maestros of the microprocessor doing awesome bleep-bloop expressions are plentiful such as CHICKENANDROFLS. Here are some themed selections.

Obvious first choice for today:

Also, Stars and Stripes Forever:

Ooh, the provocatively titled Don’t Tread on Me by Metallica:

America’s counterpart, the Soviet, er Russian National Anthem

We can’t leave our British friends out. There’s a chiptune British Grenadiers:

If you have any good suggestions then please your via comments or email below.

Author: Clarence

Webmaster, editor, writer of Red-Headed Mule. RHM was founded in 2011. Currently is liking British TV better than U.S. TV, mayhaps.