Introducing IronLantern2814 Custom Figures


You may have enjoyed reviews written by our own Roshawn Rochester (Go ahead and read; the reviews won’t bite.). Now, Roshawn has established his custom figures business. IronLantern2814 Customs can be found on Facebook where Roshawn offers action figures “made to order.”

Here are some examples of custom work:

Jason Todd Batman

ironlantern2814-jason-todd-batman-custom-web ironlantern2814-jason-todd-batman-custom-02-web

Brightest Day Aquaman

ironlantern2814-aquaman-brightest-day-web ironlantern2814-aquaman-brightest-day-02-web

Quasar of the Annihilators

ironlantern2814-quasar-custom-web ironlantern2814-quasar-custom-02-web

Check out this gallery of customs for more figures. If you like your own custom, send a message at the IronLantern2814 Customs Facebook page or send an email at roshawn AT

Author: Clarence

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