Humble Double Fine Bundle Is Here!


If you like quirky video games, you can now support famed developer Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Producters and you can help charity!

Visit the Humble Double Fine Bundle

One of the best things about video games is the sheer creativity of styles gamers get. Double Fine games don’t fully conform to all the latest gaming trends. That may be the reason that Schafer’s beloved by some gamers thirsting for an oasis of gaming innovation.

This is your typical Humble Bundle deal: pay any price for three Double Fine games, Costume Quest, Psychonauts, and Stacking. These games, along with the bonus game Brutal Legend, are offered DRM-free (no CD-key, no activation, no Steam, etc.) and cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

You can split your payment any way you wish: something, everything, or nothing towards Double Fine, the charities (Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play), and the Humble Bundle folks.



If you play video games, would you give these games a chance? Have you? Would you want to buy another copy to support decent people?

Author: Clarence

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