Crowdfunding Catch: New G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Poster Almost Ready For Action


Robert Carson Mataxis built 3DJoes as a virtual shelf for action figures of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line. A nostalgic trip awaits for visitors as they get a 360 degree look at the classic battling figure. Mataxis keeps 3DJoes free from advertising, preferring to sell posters of various figure sets. Now, he looks to Kickstarter to make a new G.I. Joe-related poster.

Mataxis is considering one of three posters: “Carded 3DJoes” (1986-1987), “3DJoes Vehicles” (1982-1983), “3DJoes Rolodex” (1982-1985). If he reaches his $3,300 goal he’ll get one design made, at $6,600 he’ll get two designs made, and all three will be made if he reaches $9,900.

Here are some of the notable rewards:

  • Backers pledging $20 get a postcard-sized print.
  • $30 pledges get one new poster; $40 pledges get two.
  • Backers pledging $100 or more get the 3DJoes poster signed by Kirk Bozigian, product manager of the G.I. Joe: ARAH line, and Larry Hama, comics scribe.

For more details, visit the 3DJoes Poster Kickstarter campaign and also visit

Author: Clarence

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