I Game Freely: Robocop (iOS) by Glu


Difficulty: about 30 minutes of play-time.

Robocop is, or at least my idea for Robocop is, that he’s a hybrid of machine logic and human intelligence. That makes the ultimate tool for law enforcement in the war against crime. This free-to-play version of Robocop for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is just an OCP-themed pay-to-pwn dumbed-down shoot-em-up.

I got to level 3 and made some upgrades to my SMG and suit, but I wasn’t hooked to explore further in my limited play-through. Maybe there’s genuine variation in the missions and gameplay. Maybe I can shoot more of the simulated environment than perps, bots, and barrels.

However, Glu is content to let players just shoot things up and offer upgrades that one would have to pay for or do free tasks which potentially expose personal information. I can see kids’ eyes open when they’re going for a free credit report for the grand prize of 79 gold units.


Robocop: The Official Game has you controlling Robo, the new 2014 OmniCorp model, in dull third-person shooter levels with limited mobility. Holding the left side of the screen moves the camera while the holding the right aims and fires. Tapping the arrows on the sides allows Robo to move from cover to cover. Shoot at bad guys over and over. Rinse, repeat.

More on the new Robocop: what was missing in the trailer for the new movie?

iOS Robocop offers no innovations to the style of play that Gears of War popularized. The Robocop movies, especially the first one, dealt with harsh violence in a cruel world where almost anyone can die. Our hero is in a virtual reality simulation room, ensuring parents won’t get (too?) offended with the lack of blood and headshots.


There could’ve been some real challenge: for example, you can scan enemies who need to be “captured.” Maybe if Robo headshotted the thug, you’d be penalized somehow. Also, it doesn’t feel Robocop if he isn’t in situations many human cops would face. This means these simulations have no innocent bystanders or assessment of property damage so that players would avoid wonton destruction. Were Robocop’s four prime directives forgotten?

As with many iOS games, Robocop features powerful weapons and upgrades for a price. There’s the “standard” green currency units and the premium gold currency. There are also locked upgrades that must be unlock with some combination of green money and blue hexagon thingies. That pesky timer, something that makes me uninstall a game, only prevents players from making some immediate upgrades.

If a Robocop super-fan just can’t get enough of bland shoot-em-ups on a portable device, then Glu’s Robocop may bring many hours of enjoyment. However, I’ve better things to do than continuing to indulge in this shallow experience.

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