Exciting, Yet Dredd-ful Novels

Movie Dredd, Sir Not-Quite-Appearing-In-These-Novels

The recently released “Dredd” novel collection is not a movie adapation, but it’s good from what I’ve read.

The Dark Judges, Death, Fear, Mortis, & Fire, are at it again in “Dredd vs. Death” by Gordon Rennie. This time, they arrive with the help of a vampiric cult. It’s up to Judges Dredd, Giant, and Anderson to stop them.

This is a cool novel, especially for fans who have many gaps in their Dredd knowledge. The narrator almost seems like a host of a Judge-related documentary. Rennie peppers the text with some puns: Mohammed Alley, 2T(FRU)T, and others. Dredd, of course, is no-nonsense while Anderson is highly focused on the characterization side. Telepathic Psy-Judges lend themselves well to novelized narrative. Anderson, the greatest of them all and the one with a special link to Death, comes off as a very likeable and personable Judge.

Rennie also captures well the lengths the Dark Judges will go to campaign against the lives of Mega-City One cits and Dredd’s pained determination to apply justice, especially to a key accomplice to the Dark Judges.

I’m currently reading David Bishop’s “Kingdom of the Blind,” where a rookie Psy-Judge infiltrates the inner circle of a mobster. Already, I’m amused at a comedic scene where Judges Giant and Dredd greet the international Judges (Aussie Conurb, Sino-Cit, Brit-Cit) for an embassy to create an extradition treaty.

Even if you only have time to read one novel in the roughly 700-page collection then “Dredd” is a justified purchase.

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