Cosplayers Valentine's Day Survey



We all know how great they are in costume, but how can the brains function when I throw these timely Valentine’s Day questions at them? We at RHM have interviewed these wonderful cosplayers, and it’s time to revisit them briefly.

This survey gathers the awesomeness of some of your favorites. You may even become a new fan of another!


Favorite Shade of Red

Dagger Six: Lightish red

Harley’s Joker: Claret

Katybear: Crimson

Ltc America: Blood red

Better Quote: Einstein’s “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.” or Shakespeare’s “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs?”

Dagger Six: Shakespeare. Einstein’s one is just too plain and obvious.

Harley’s Joker: Gotta go with Bill on this one, he hath such a way with words.

Katybear: Shakespeare

Ltc America: Einstein’s

How Would You Perform a One-Person Balcony Scene of Romeo and Juliet?

Dagger Six: I would run back and forth, and the audience would have to wait. I might also throw in a shitty costume change. Or maybe I’d just do sock puppets.

Harley’s Joker: Very carefully, with hydraulic stilts.

Katybear: I would perform the balcony scene badly because I cannot act to save my life. LOL

Ltc America: I’d use action figures

What’s your idea of a St. Valentine’s Day massacre?

Dagger Six: Uhm….getting mowed down by Al Capone would still make for a pretty shitty valentine’s day. >_>

Harley’s Joker: A worldwide shortage of chocolate.

Katybear: Probably something like a horror movie. Like going out to dinner and you look up and your date is a zombie.

Ltc America: The annual Great San Francisco Valentine’s Day Pillow fight

Realistic or Cartoon Hearts?

Dagger Six: Cartoon hearts

Harley’s Joker: A realistic cartoon heart, complete with animated blood.

Katybear: Realistic hearts.

Ltc America: Cartoon…the smaller, the better :)

Which Valentine Are You Most Like in Personality, Skeeter Valentine or Greg Valentine?

Dagger Six: Skeeter

Harley’s Joker: Billy Ray from “Trading Places”.

Katybear: Skeeter.

Ltc America: Skeeter

Which Valentine Would You Prefer Cosplaying As: Skeeter or Greg?

Dagger Six: Skeeter

Harley’s Joker: Skeeter

Katybear: Skeeter

Ltc America: Skeeter

Finally, Are We Having Fun Yet?

Dagger Six: Yes!

Harley’s Joker: Never before 7pm.


Ltc America: :)


Thank you & have a amourous 14 February to Dagger Six, Harley’s Joker, Katybear, & Ltc America.

If I had to pick a winner, it would be hard to do. Especially since none of them chose the correct answer to one of the questions. Who do you think gave the best responses?

Author: Clarence

Webmaster, editor, writer of Red-Headed Mule. RHM was founded in 2011. Currently is liking British TV better than U.S. TV, mayhaps.