Amazing Spider-Man Game Chapter 2 Review

Chapter 2: Escape Impossible…BUT FUN!!!

**This review contains a MOVIE Spoiler**

This game just keeps getting better. The first mention of Michael Morbius for this universe! Possibly a sequel villain? You find out he has more to do with the cross-species than Doctor Connors via the extras you unlock within the game as well. Now, in the second chapter, you have to break out Doctor Connors from the mental asylum Spidey apparently put him in.

Right when you get to the control room, a trigger happy guard tries to get the best of you and tazes the control panel…letting all the inmates out.

After uttering the now infamous line “You tazed me bro!”, Spidey is forced to deal with the asylum inmates ina an all out brawl. You now get to have a lot more fun because you are in a more spacious environment and you have a lot of people to build those combo streaks up on.

After beating up the inmates, you get to wall crawl in good ole’ Spidey fashion. You have to climb through ventilation shafts in order to get to the next area to help Connors’ get out. In the meantime, you get to take out more inmates and utilize things such as trash bins and soda machines to take out more than one opponent at a time. VERY useful knowledge in the future of the game. Between all the fighting and crawling, you have let out another inmate that, if you are a fan of the Spidey comics, you figure out is Black Cat! It’s a brief appearance, but it’s there.

Now that you have gone through getting Doctor Connors out of the asylum, armed inmates in the courtyard windows won’t let anyone leave. It’s your turn to find and beat them up, all while dodging there bullets. USE YOUR SPIDER SENSE TO DODGE!! Because not only are you having to get these gun-totting lunatics, you have a ton more IN the courtyard. Utilize the environment and help Doctor Connors get to safety so you can finish the main part of the second level just in time to see the NYPD swarming the facility :)

And then comes the open city of New York! Vastly improved from the original thought in the Spider-Man 2 video game, you must now get Connors to Stan’s house (A guy you are house sitting for; and yes, Stan “The Man” Lee). Don’t worry about taking your time to go through the city. You have PLENTY of time in the coming chapters!


In a second cinematic scene at the end of Chapter two, when you call Gwen, she gets mad at the fact that you broke Dr. Connors out of the asylum and that you are now working with him…because he killed her dad :(