Amazing Spider-Man Game 1st Chapter Review


You start off being introduced to the fact that this game takes place AFTER the movie. You walk into OSCORP with Gwen and are immediately looking for trouble. Gwen has heard that people are still continuing Dr. Connors’ Cross-Species experiments and wants to make sure that she can put an end to it. While combing around the lab area, Gwen and Peter catch a glimpse of the Rhino (who is a Cross-Species where human DNA was introduced into a Rhino) when they are met by the new CEO of OSCORP, Alistaire Smythe (most famous in the Spider-Man Animated Series back in the 90’s).

You find out, through a pretty good storyline, that Alistaire is trying to dispose of the Cross-Species as humanely as possible. You are then introduce to Vermin and The Scorpion.
While transferring the Scorpion, he manages to break free because Peter Parker’s blood sent the creature into a frenzy.

At this point, you know that Peter is also one of these Cross-Species. Now here is where the fun begins. You are now Spider-Man and you have to get Gwen to quarantine. In this time, you get to utilize your webslinger and the action abilities you have. The very first fight you have with Smythe’s robots sets the tone for the game. You are either going to hate it, or love it. I LOVED it! Between the fighting and web-swinging, you get the hang of it really quick.

After you get Gwen to the quarantine room, you are hit with one of the weirdest things I have ever seen Spidey have to use. BUT, it is with the times. Spidey has to use an “Os-phone” to get into contact with Gwen while she is in quarantine. That’s my only gripe. You can have a ton of fun with this game and all that is JUST the first chapter.