12 Disappointments of 2012

I’ll warn you before you proceed. These are my personal disappointments without getting political or too obtuse. That means my viewpoint is expressed here and not some consensus of what others have to say. There were some terrible stuff I reviewed/seen but the expectations weren’t high to begin with. I think it’s a good year overall as I strained a bit to think of an adequate list.

Also, the items are no particular order. With that said, here we go:

Amazing Spider-Man #692 Comic & Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD

In light of finding out what happens in Amazing #700, I think Dan Slott is trying to subvert Spidey’s core message of power and responsibility. I went into reading #692 eager to find out what the new sidekick can do. I didn’t like the story and Humbertos Ramos’ art doesn’t fit Spider-Man. The back-up stories weren’t that great either.

For Ultimate, it wouldn’t be surprising that that show’s a letdown from the almost-great Spectacular. After watching two episodes, I turned away from Ultimate Peter’s somewhat goofy antics.

I reviewed both Amazing #692 and Ultimate Spidey.

No Homestar Runner

On one hand, it’s awesome the Brothers Chaps are busy with other work. On the other hand, one cryptic tweet many months ago hinting at the next Strong Bad Email with no follow-up just lets us know that H*R has cooled down. Anyway, thank you, Brothers Chaps, for all the years of excellent absurdist entertainment.


Like the Undertaker on a bad day, I’m just not feeling it. Both companies seem so inert and so comfortable in their positions. I stopped watching live long ago and after reading results of Raw, Smackdown, and Impact, I feel like I haven’t missed much. I haven’t missed out on the next big star or storyline.

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Creator-Owned Heroes Ends After Eight Issues

I didn’t expect a long run, but reading the December article from Bleeding Cool‘s still a stunner. As someone who devoured magazines in my younger days, I appreciated the non-comics stuff. Did too much “filler” and no breakout characters mean sliding sales? I don’t know, but COH will be missed.

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Alcatraz & The River

Wow, I thought both shows had good enough actors/premise to last a few seasons. I overestimated how difficult dramas survive on a major(?) broadcast network.

I watched Alcatraz because of the timey wimey premise and J.J. Abrams. Fox pulled the plug after 13 episodes of so-so ratings. The River, meanwhile, was more lost than Lost and viewers swam away. Neither show was bad, but maybe Fox and ABC aren’t good homes for that type of drama.

Season Passes/”Premium” Content for Paid Games

Oh, goodie! I paid $60 (or less if you’re deal-hunting) on this game and and have to shell out dozens of more hard-earned dollars on extra content! Yay!

I realize that companies have to make money somehow, but that doesn’t mean I’ll agree with everything they do.

Young Justice on Hiatus

YJ is a pretty good superhero melodrama. I’d been doing reviews of the second season, subtitled Invasion. However, Cartoon Network unexpectedly pulled an airing and is saving episodes for 2013. I hope it’s worth the wait, but I wonder whether some countries already have seen the later episodes (e.g. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes).

Atlanta Braves

Leave it to the Braves to not take advantage of the new postseason by losing the one-game play-in. Their campaign, star Chipper Jones’ last, is one of many gripes I have about Atlanta-based sports teams.

NBC Primetime

Last and least, the Peacock Network. Can any new drama be a hit without leaning The Voice? How under-appreciated are Community and Parks and Recreation? Can you imagine the executives’ glee when they see how competitive their ratings are when their NFL games are counted? Did anyone like Outsourced?

Author: Clarence

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2 thoughts on “12 Disappointments of 2012”

  1. See, I think Ramos is great on Spider-Man, and there’s a lot of historical proof of this (Check out the final issues of Spectacular Spider-Man). I will say, however, that it shows when he’s not doing his best. He’s a lot like Chris Bachalo in the respect – sometimes really great at expressing the kinetic aspects of heroes, at other times just gives you a muddled mess. Now, I have to admit that I’m at the arc just before this, so I’ll have to cop to not having read it yet. It probably stands out as “not his best”, but Ramos has turned in to great Spidey in the past

    1. Thanks, Will, for the comment.

      I took a look at the preview Comixology had for Amazing #700 and after seeing those ugly faces, I decided to wait for the trade of the last issues, if Marvel will allow that and they don’t release it too late. Ramos’ art style is one reason I stopped buying another Amazing since. With another artist doing Superior, I’ll try it out.

      I don’t want to gripe on the guy; I’m sure my review of Amazing #692 addresses other issues. I haven’t read it in months.

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