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You’re a savvy comic-book buyer. You want to read something on your digital thingamajig, but you only want to spend $2 on comics. The typical fare from the major and major-lite comics companies is getting dull. Somehow, a lady with spiky two-toned hair caught in a time vortex gets your attention. Wow, you think, two volumes of this adventure is $2 for over 60 pages? Is it worth it? Perhaps, if you know what to expect.

Zoe Out of Time by Michalski & Lagos with art from Derlis Santacruz, has completed two volumes available on Comixology. It’s about a young woman from the year 2050 obtaining a time machine her father built. Does she use it for great justice? Not quite. Zoe Out of Time #1 and #2 veers toward romance than timey-wimey.

Sample page from Zoe Out of Time #1.Source: Facebook

Zoe goes back to 1990 and meets her rock idol who died tragically that year. She finds herself in the midst of a nightclub crowd listening to the idol’s band entertain. She has no time to savour the music because she loses the time machine. Afterwards, the story lets us get to know the band, their dreams of making the big time, and Zoe and her idol falling for each other, natch.

Oh, and there are a few obligatory “Meanwhile” scenes in 2050 with Zoe’s dad. The story alright, but I wouldn’t call it science fiction. There are songs, but the lyrics didn’t whisk me away to the popular pablum of 1990.

By the end, elements of crime fiction rear its head. It’s the halfway mark of the story, and Zoe is little prepared for new threats. Creator-writers J. Michalski and Alexander Lagos provide a little atmosphere. Zoe, the protagonist, is under duress finding her time-traveling device so there’s little time for her or the reader to enjoy the wonders of a past time. Under Santacruz’s pen and Oren Kramek color brush, Zoe is naive, but never nasty. For $2, Zoe Out of Time, while not unforgettable, isn’t regrettable.

Thanks to the creators of Zoe Out of Time for supplying me with a review copy. Visit the official Zoe Out of Time website or its Facebook page.

Zoe Out of Time on Comixology.

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