Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7 Review

Ultimate Spider-Man #7 Cover

Ultimate Spider-Man issue 7 is a spectacular read. The inter-weaving of the Peter Parker Spider-Man mythos with Miles Morales is an astounding piece of work which teases the reader with surprises for the long haul.


With the realization of the new Spider-Man, the Prowler pays a visit to the Tinkerer. Though the meeting is brief (and deadly) the Prowler walks away knowing the identity of the new Spider-Man.

Not yet knowing his identity is in danger; Miles starts to test his powers. He starts by climbing buildings and testing the limits of his powers. Right when he reaches a high point, the fun really starts. Miles witnesses an explosion and goes into hero mode. He travels to the site only to come face-to-face with Omega Red. Not knowing the severity of the situation, Miles runs into the fight without an inkling of hesitation. While fighting, Miles starts to nervously banter much like his predecessor, Peter Parker, and it infuriates Omega Red. That one moment of blind of fury is all that Miles needed in order to use his camouflage power to subdue Omega Red with the help of his “Venom Blast”.

Once the fight is over, Miles, apparently, goes straight home and tells his best buddy Ganke (who is the all-knowing pop culture nerd friend NEEDED to complete this wonderful gang of characters). While still telling his buddy about the fight, they are interrupted. The last panel shows Miles’ Uncle Aaron Davis (aka, The Prowler) leaning against a tree and inquiring to his nephew as to his dealing as of late.

If you are a comic book fan and LOVE Spider-Man, but hate the same ole’ same of Peter Parker in the regular Marvel Universe, then you really need to hit this book up. This is one of those ten books that EVERYONE should be reading. If not for the history, then read this book for the fun of this ride.