Trees #1 Review


I was looking forward to the sci-fi tale of people interacting with tree-like alien things and how people are going to cope with the new visitors. What I saw in this ish is some muddled backstory with a dash of social commentary.

trees-001-cover-webThe issue starts out with the Trees arriving in Rio after some drones and robotic mules (heh) attack the citizens. I guess the opening is supposed to have readers reflect on the real horrors of the world before the book moves on to the horrors to come. I’m left thinking how Brazil could have a war zone environment.

Let’s step back. The premise is that the first Trees arrived ten years ago. The Trees stood silent for whatever purposes. Ten years later, the Trees make their statement to Earth and it’s not “We come in peace.” Somehow, drones are deployed in Rio. I can only guess that there’s chaotic martial law in effect.

Trees turns to perspectives from a Chinese artist preparing to live in a walled city and a candidate for New York mayor. Worldwide viewpoints are welcome, but these characters don’t make a strong impression at this early stage. Extraterrestrial relations so far are filled with dread instead of eager anticipation. I hope that the whole story doesn’t get hopeless for the humans.

Jason Howard’s art style carries a mostly dull color palette and a panel layouts are easy to read. I’ve no objection to the artwork; I hope the story branches out to something remarkable.

Author: Clarence

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  1. I am pretty excited to read this. When I first heard of the idea, I thought “original”. Looking forward to it even after the review. Maybe the second issue will be better.. ?

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