Roshawn's Top Five Comic Book Companies of 2012

Roshawn Rochester is the creator of the comic book, Anatomy of War.

5) DC Comics

Hear me out. There are a few reasons why they are at the bottom of my number five list. First off, this is about comic books. Not movies, cartoons or toys. They may very well be number one had I taken all those into consideration. But this is strictly about the comics.

While I am always one for a good change, I think they changed way too much. By putting a lot of these heroes in new universes and then changing up so much of the story, I just don’t know what to say. And I used to be one of the biggest Teen Titans fans out there. I can’t even stand to look at the book now.

However, they have made strides in other areas. Taking lesser known characters, such as Animal Man, Captain Atom and Swamp Thing, and making these epic stories has been a saving grace in my mind. Even pushing life into Jonah Hex, O.M.A.C. and Frankenstein has been good for those characters. Like I said before, there are both good and bad with this revival. But the worst is taking all the history, even the most recent years, and just throwing it away. These are the reasons as to why I am putting them on the bottom of my list.

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4) Marvel Comics

Once again this is JUST COMICS. I am just head over heels for most of these comics. My only issue is these EPIC crossovers. I like my books, but I HATE having to shell out over $500 to get all of one story. I understand. It’s a BIG story. But there are a great number of things that could have been cut to keep me coming back for more. I, personally, shelled out over $3200 on Marvel comics alone this year. Mostly due to the AvX crossover and its aftermath.

***Note to self. Resolve to NOT do that EVER again***

I do, however, love the overall books themselves. The stories are great and the characters are always living up to the emotional roller-coaster they put me on. I think that less crossovers is a must though. For the sake of EVERYONE’S wallets.

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3) Top Cow

Top Cow has had an impressive year! Artifacts, The Darkness, Witchblade and the return of Cyber Force! I am really excited to see where they are going in 2013. They keep upping the ante with their characters and making a play for the books when it comes to delivering an overall great story and art to back it up. They quickly jumped into my top three at the beginning of this year. With Broken Trinity and Think Tank (a hugely impressive book that came out in late 2012) being top markers as well, the company is having a great run. 2013 promises to be bigger for them.

2) Image Comics

Image celebrated there 20 year anniversary with a bang in Oakland this past February and immediately sunk its teeth into me. I was inundated with characters I once loved being brought back and stories that I had never thought would be in a book. Debut books such as Saga, The Manhattan Projects, Mind the Gap, and Thief of Thieves have taken the comic world by storm.

Not only have they delivered on story, but their artwork is fascinating and mind-boggling at the same time. Not to mention the on-going titles such as Spawn, Haunt and Elephantmen all being on the bill. Image has claimed the number two spot on my list and a ton of space in my comic saver. I can’t wait to see they have planned for the new year!

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1) Valiant Comics

Valiant Comics has my number one spot for so many reasons. The return of all there defunct characters from the 90’s, the incredible stories that follow their return, the art, the writing, the colors and the overall originality of the entire series is what grabbed my attention.

I’ve bought every single one of these books and have not been disappointed in any sense. X-O Man of War, Harbinger, Archer and Armstrong, Bloodshot and Shadowman top this line currently.With only five titles under their belt and the delivery being as awesome as it has been, I don’t see them being debunked from the number one spot any time soon.

With the, hopeful, addition of more to come in 2013, I am overcome with giddiness. I am beyond myself just thinking about the possibilities of all the originality coming from this company.