Top 10 Moments From Penguins vs. Possums Volume 1


I can’t believe we’re up to the paperback collection now! This TPB by Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, and Lindsay Calhoon Bring is so exciting! With this momentous occasion locked down, I want to share a few of my favorite moments throughout this hilarious, violent clash between the Penguins and Possums.

#1 – “The Shot Heard Around The World”

In the opening sequence of the first issue we see the secret war between the Penguins and Possums reach a fever pitch. Penguins with guns, possums with swords…it’s all-out war!! This was a pretty big moment and they pulled it off insanely well.


#2 – The Prophecy

If you were like me and bought the first issue when it came out, you had no idea that this book was going to take such an epic turn so quickly. The revelation of the prophecy is what sets the whole story in motion and plays a huge part in how the protagonist starts to come around to the council’s way of thinking.


#3 – Parachuting Penguins

As funny as that may sound, these little guys know how to dole out death in handfuls. Though the battle was extreme, this assault on the possums homes was the final straw for “the chosen one” needed in order to surrender to the prophecy.


#4 – Rocket Pack Penguins

YEEEEE-HAW!!! Xiao makes a grand appearance after his father, the emperor, was killed by flying out in a jet pack. Even though that moment was short lived it is just too cool of a moment to not make the list.


#5 – The Gauntlet, It Hath Been Throne

Yeah, that isn’t a typo. The “Lost Gauntlet of the Emperors” was actually thrown at the throne when Xiao challenged Zhou-Si to battle to the death for Xiao’s rightful place as the new Emperor Penguin.


#6 – The Bloody Red King

What’s black and white and red all over? Emperor Xiao. These guys know how to make an impact!! Determined never to lose his crown again, Xiao takes extreme measures and has his crown points hammered into his skull.


#7 – The Chosen One’s Selfless Act leads to Zolins’ Outburst

The Chosen One trades his life so that all shall live in harmony. A truce has been made. Fueled by what he believes are his best friends traitorous colors finally coming through, Zolin unleashed his full rage on a penguin dummy. His frustrations spent, a new scheme is put into play.


#8 – Deception Knows No Bounds

Zolin and the councils plan has come to fruition and no one can stop the onslaught of the on-coming war. The ice and jungles are lined with blood and it seems the only way to stop the war is for one side to eradicate the other.


#9 – Friendship No More

Zolin and The Chosen One go paw-to-paw in this epic throw-down that will put into question the future of the possum race. And there is nothing more “possum” than that.


#10 – The Pop Culture Gods have spoken

I absolutely LOVE all the obscure, and legendary, references put into this book. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Star Wars, I just couldn’t get enough. You’ve got some Matrix here and some Lord of the Rings there…just all around fantastic!!!

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Thanks to Fanboy Comics for supplying a review copy. -Ed.