Superman Diamond! 75 Years of the Man of Steel


75 years is said to be the “diamond” anniversary, depending on your age or location. What an appropriate name for Big Blue superhero with the diamond crest.

June is the 75th anniversary of the cover date Superman’s first appearance of Action Comics #1. While Action #1 was released a few months before, Supermania probably began by the summer of 1938. There have been nearly countless adaptations of the Metropolis Marvel and DC Comics has launched a Super-campaign that should add to Superman’s legacy.

superman-75-years-logoDC Comics unveiled the Superman 75 Years logo. While it wouldn’t match my idea of what such a logo looks like, the silhouette-featured logo should be easily identifiable on comic book covers, posters, etc.

DC has unveiled that September will be villains month. Bizarro will take over Superman 23.1 & Cyborg Superman stars in Action Comics 23.1. Newsarama has more Villains Month details, including covers.


Also coming this month, your local comic shop should have free copies of All-Star Superman #1 by the tag team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely to give away. There should a certain highly-anticipated new comic by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee coming out too. Let’s not have that weirdo Batman steal Supes’ thunder with his Zero Year debut.

The Man of Steel movie? I’m looking forward to it, but I’m concerned that it have an out-of-character Superman. I’m also glad that Man of Steel is freed from the Richard Donner/Salkinds movie formula that hindered Superman Returns.

Now, what about this site? I hope to bring you Super-stuff in the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll send a few hints on the RHM Facebook and Twitter pages. Hmmm…

Author: Clarence

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